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Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Brinegar Chiropractic & Massage. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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For years I suffered from severe migraine headaches.  After being on medication and seeing another chiropractor with little relief, I was recommended by a friend to Dr. B.  I never knew that in addition to a neck adjustment, that a low back adjustment would also prevent my migraines!  Dr. B and Dr. Jones' adjustments, along with electric muscle stem therapy, and the in office massage therapist, Abby, my weekly migraines have been significantly reduced.  If I do get a migraine, Dr. B or Dr. Jones are always available that day to relieve my symptoms. Thanks!!!  BR

S5000814.JPG I first saw Dr Brinegar for some back pain I had been having off and on for years.  He fixed that up right away.  When I hurt my knee skiing, I was surprised to find out Dr B does knee and hip adjustments too!  I had to take some time off to heal but I'm back on the slopes! And now when ever I get tweaked, Dr. Jones, who specializes in sports chiropractic, adjusts and kinesio tapes me and I'm ready to go! CS

I can walk! (Now) When I first came in, I couldn't walk, well, normally at least.  i was all hunched over and it hurt to move my legs. (can you relate?) Dr. B knew very quickly what the problems were and started working them out slowly but surely.  With in a week, I could walk again normally and each time I come in, we get a little more of the root of the problem worked out.  Dr. B has helped me better understand the dynamics of my bones and muscles and gives me exercises to do at home to help my progress. Chiropractic really works!! LP

Palm_Springs_001.jpg    This little guy was not walking at 2 years of age!   You can see the rotation in his right hip and foot.  With just a few adjustments we were able to alighn his hip and leg and he began walking without assistance!  BC


After years of tournament tennis and coaching, your body takes a beating.  Seeing Dr. Brinegar helps restore flexibility and reduces pain.  In his office you will receive professional treatment from him and his staff.  Being pain free makes you more productive in your life, and Dr. Brinegar has done that for me. MP 

Christmas_and_Halloween_010.jpg I have a bit of a twist in my spine.  I get adjusted several times a year to keep my spine as healthy as possible.  This allows me to keep on keepn on.  With out the chiropractic care I would for sure be looking at back surgery and I want to avoid that as much as I can.  KB


As a personal trainer, I have had a series of painful injuries and damage to my achilles tendon.  After seeing several chiropractors with no help from the pain, I went to Brinegar Chiropractic Center.  Dr. B's unique techniques coupled with ultra sound therapy had me walking pain free in only 3 visits!  For continued health, I purchased custom sport orthotics and I have been 100% pain free since I started using them.  I recommend everyone I know to Dr. B and I wouldn't go anywhere else to help me maintain a pain free lifestyle. I also see Dr. Jones (Chiropractor and Massage Therapist) for all my massage needs and I have never felt better!  SR

I wish I started sooner! I have been suffering from migraine headaches and sinus problems for years. After just one week of treatment I saw improvements. The number of headaches have decreased drastically. I feel great! Dr. Brinegar is awesome. Very friendly and genuinely cares for his patients. I recommend this office to anyone and everyone who suffers from headaches/migraines. DP


After two failed back surgeries and many other chiropractors, I was referred to Dr. Brinegar by my massage therapist. Dr. B's technique, knowledge, and experience relieved my pain and kept me walking. Brent W

After just a few visits my back really loosened up and I was able to run more relaxed and controlled.T.R.

I had major shoulder pain after an accident. My primary doctor told me I was fine but I wasn't. Dr. B believed me and told me exercises I could do & he would tape me up, provided therapy massage and would help relieve the build up the shoulder pain was causing in my neck and back. I ended up having to have shoulder surgery. I am so thankful to Dr. B because after my surgery because my neck and back were continually out of alignment and he relieved pressure to where I could take less pain pills. Now I see him at least  twice a  month and I can feel the difference by having routine adjustments. My family and friends now go see him.  Your the best Dr. B! Miss N.